Q: How is Calpeper® Martial Arts & Survival Training different than other martial arts systems?

A: Traditional martial arts systems focus exclusively on hand-to-hand combat techniques. While lower ranking students learn their forms or katas through pantomime, intermediate level students will, over time, typically graduate to some form of contact sparring. As students reach advanced levels, they will generally continue their study with the inclusion of one or more stick or blade-based hand weapons. It is common, in traditional martial arts systems, for the student to not begin study of advanced katas, sparring or hand-weapons until they’ve achieved the required rank.

Calpeper® Martial Arts is a new 'system' which encompasses a wider range of martial study than traditional martial arts systems. The Calpeper® system was designed to provide the student with skills needed to survive any natural or man-made disaster. To achieve this, Calpeper® students learn a multitude of different skill-sets, which are contained within 5 Levels of martial study:
1. Physical Fitness Training
2. First-Aid, Bushcraft & Survival Readiness
3. Primitive Weapons Training (pre-rifle)
4. Modern Weapons Training (post-rifle)
5. Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat
Also, unlike traditional systems, Calpeper® students are not required to complete (or “rank”) in any particular Level of study before they can begin training in another Level; meaning that, you needn’t achieve your Level 1 Ranking in order to study those skills contained in Level 2 or above.  In fact, you are encouraged to study all the Calpeper skill-sets, even if you never 'rank' in any of them.  However, bear in mind that, while “study” is permitted within any Level, the student cannot receive "Official Rank” in any Level until the minimum performance qualification requirements have been met for that rank and all those preceding it.
In short, you can train” in all 5 Levels at any time, but you cannot “rank” in any Level until you have first achieved the performance qualifications of the preceding Level(s) as well as those of the one being currently sought.

Q: Where is the Calpeper® Martial Arts & Survival Training school located?

A: I could give you a very esoteric answer about the importance of training outdoors, among the trees of the Earth, connecting with nature as our early ancestors did… etc… etc...  But the truth is, Calpeper® is a very new system which contains a wide-ranging curriculum. As a new endeavor, and as a complex system, classes are conducted outside and at predetermined locations; until such time as a more permanent structure, that will safely accommodate our course of study, can be secured. To that end, a growing and dedicated group of students is required.
NOTE: Franke is presently exploring permanent fixed-structure (aka: brick & mortar) building opportunities.


Q: How much do classes cost?

A: Calpeper® training is available for both private and group classes. Please visit the Calpeper Store for prices and/or contact Franke at info@Calpeper.com for questions & scheduling.     Whatever you and/or your group wish to study – from the aforementioned curriculum – we will study.
    Note: Firearms training is conducted at local indoor shooting ranges and shall incur additional gun rental and range fees.
    Also, those who wish to participate in full-contact sparring are required to provide for themselves the appropriate safety gear (i.e. gloves, mouth/head gear, and 'other' protection as desired).

Calpeper® founder, Franke Lauria, was born on Christmas night at Union Hospital in the Bronx (NYC), and spent half his youth living in the Oneida County area of upstate New York’s Mohawk Valley. It was during those years, in upstate NY, where Franke was most influenced by, and educated in, early American history. When he reached High School (in the Bronx), Franke lettered on his school’s track team, made the Honor Roll, and began his study of martial arts (Karate). It was also during that time when he and a friend formed a heavy metal band called Kruciform. With Franke as the lead guitarist, Kruciform attained some local success during their 5 years together. But when contract negotiations with a record label broke down, Franke decided to change directions and enlisted in the U.S. Navy. While stationed at Naval Air Station Miramar, in San Diego California, Franke served his entire 4 years as an Aircraft Weapons Systems Specialist, and was a member of Miramar's Base Police Auxiliary Security Force. In his free time, Franke was a member of the Armed Forces Aero Club where he earned his license as an FAA Certified Private Pilot. After his enlistment, Franke remained in San Diego and resumed his study of martial arts (Kung Fu), earned his degree in Robotics, and began a career in Computers. Always being one to challenge himself, Franke began to study acting and eventually produced, directed and performed in a number of independent & commercial projects.

After decades of witnessing the tragedies that continue to plague our world (both natural & man-made), Franke began to notice a frightening lack of "disaster & self-defense preparedness" among the general population. In response to this - coupled with a deep sense of patriotism and a growing awareness of dangerous divisions within our nation - Franke was compelled to design a new, comprehensive and "panoptic" martial arts & survival training system, which he named:
Calpeper® Panoptic Martial Arts & Survival Training... "Providing Americans with the skills they need to survive anything, anywhere, anytime."

Franke's experience throughout the course of his life has led him to this mission. In 2012, he created a recreational ‘meetup’ group which he called “The Calpeper Minutemen®”. With a roster that eventually exceeded 80+ members, Franke ran and organized free ‘survival & firearms training events’ every weekend for 1½ years. Attendance being somewhat ‘spotty‘ at times, Franke came to realized the truth behind the term ‘perceived value’ - that people often place little value on things given to them for ‘free’ - from this a new business idea was born.

Franke's professional credits & certifications include: U.S. Navy Veteran (Aircraft Weapons Systems Technician + Base Police Auxiliary Security Force) ~ Martial Arts 終身學習 (Shotokan Karate, Choy Li Fut Kung Fu, Western Boxing & MMA) ~ Survival Bowyer & Archery Hunter ~ NRA Certified Firearms Instructor ~ Front Sight Firearms Training Institute Graduate ~ NASM Certified Personal Trainer + Corrective Exercise Specialist ~ '24 Hour Fitness' Trainer + GroupX & TC24 Instructor ~ American Red Cross Certified Lifeguard + First Aid & CPR/AED.