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"Why Do You 'Need' a Gun?"

"Why Do You 'Need' a Gun?"

As a gun owner/advocate, you've likely been asked this question.
If not, you may rest assured that, at some point, you will be.
The reasoning behind our Second Amendment as a "natural right" seems, to us, both simple and obvious.
As students of history, and as witnesses to current events, we understand that tyranny is never more than a stone's throw from freedom.

However, many people are unaware of the "global history" of oppression and/or are ill-informed of the oppression which continues to plague our world to this day. It is typically this "unaware citizen" who is most susceptible to the anti-gun narrative which is propagandized by those forces who wish to disarm us all. Although 'unaware', these citizens are - nevertheless - our fellow Americans.  As such, it is incumbent upon us to make the case for freedom and independence in a manner which enlightens without alienating.  THIS QUOTE is a good place to start... and it's worth memorizing, so that you'll know it when you need it.

"Strength & Honor"

Franke Niklas Lauria

Q: "Why Do You 'Need' a Gun?"

A: I don't need a gun.
     I have never needed a gun.
     I hope I never need a gun.
     And, in all likelihood, I will never need a gun.
     However, should I ever need a gun, I had better have a gun.
     Therefore, I have a gun.
     And if the Government ever says you can't have a gun, that's when you'll need a gun.

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