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I Am an American!

I just came across this pic which was posted on FaceBook by a (quote) "Native American" group; to which I replied:

Well... Would we 'also' include, with that teaching, all of the wars and conquests and slavery and savagery which was perpetrated by "all these tribes" (each against the other) looooong before Europeans ever arrived? And are we also going to teach that their warfare was fought with Stone Age (sticks & stones) weapons and that, with our (then) modernized technology, it was no surprise we conquered them (just as they 'tried' to conquer 'each other' for millennia)?

Huh? Are we going to teach all of that too??

Sioux are "Sioux"... Cherokee are "Cherokee"... Hopi are "Hopi"... etc... etc... You are part of a 'tribe'.
Being "American" is 'distinctly different'.
As a "tribal-American" you are no more "American" than myself or the rest of us Americans.
I was 'born' in this Land, I have 'served' for this Land, I will 'fight' for this Land and, if necessary, I will die for this Land...
I Am an American!
And, as an American, I will not be diminished!

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